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Our Scholarships

The PVF Scholarship

The PVF Scholarship Fund was created in 2001 following a decision to consolidate 6 separate scholarship funds established in honor of former leaders of the PVMA into one fund. Once the decision had been made to consolidate the funds into a new scholarship, guidelines were developed based on the criteria set forth by the former funds. To recognize the overwhelming contribution of the PVMA Auxiliary to PVF's success, the Foundation largely borrowed the criteria of the Auxiliary's former fund for the Pennsylvania Veterinary Scholarship Fund. The Auxiliary, which served as the Association's spousal organization, disbanded in 2000. Click here to access the full guidelines of this scholarship and the online application.

PVF/PVMA Young Veterinary Leader Scholarship
Beginning in 2010, one Young Leader Scholarship will be given annually in an amount of $3,000-5,000. The nominee must demonstrate leadership qualities both in school and within the community such as involement in organized veteirnary medicine, student affairs or government, animal welfare organizations, SCAVMA, Veterinary Business Management Association, etc. Click here for the full guidelines and to access the online application.

How Are Scholarship Funds Distributed?
Each summer, nominees from Pennsylvania are solicited from US colleges and schools of veterinary medicine. In early fall, the applications are reviewed and recipients are selected for that year's scholarship awards. The number of students who are selected and the amount of money awarded to each student varies from year to year based on the interest generated from the fund's principal throughout the year. The principal investment is preserved and never used for any other purpose.

Veterinary Technology Scholarship
The Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation (PVF) is the charitable arm of the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Assocition (PVMA). An integral part of PVF’s mission is to promote the advancement of certified veterinary technicians and all members of the veterinary team by providing financial assistance to students in their educational years in hopes to have more people become certified. The recipient of this scholarship will receive $500 toward tuition at an AVMA-accredited school.
Click here for full guidelines and a downloadable application.

Why Give?
Today's veterinary students are your veterinarians of tomorrow - your colleagues and associates. Your contribution to the Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation is an investment in their future and ultimately in the future of veterinary medicine. Another reason is that your contribution goes directly to build the principal of the Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation Scholarship Fund. No principal is ever touched to award the annual scholarships. This makes your contribution crucial. Without contributions, the principal will not grow nor will our ability to serve more students and provide even greater financial assistance. Help us help the students of today and the veterinarians of tomorrow with your contribution.

Make a Donation
You can make a
donation online, or if you would like to make a donation by check, please send a check made payable to "Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation" and indicate scholarships in the memo area to ensure your contribution goes directly to helping the future veterinarians of Pennsylvania. You may mail your check to PVF, 8574 Paxton Street, Hummelstown, PA 17036.

If you have questions about the PVF Scholarship Fund, please contact PVF at 1.888.550.7862 or admin@pavma.org