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What is TLC?
The Last Chance FundAlthough our "TLC" stands for The Last Chance program and "tender loving care," because that is what we strive to offer for animals who may not get any care at all without the fund.

The Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation (PVF) established our "The Last Chance" (TLC) program in 2009 to help ensure a source of funding for the care of abused or neglected, unowned companion animals that might otherwise be euthanized or turned over to an animal shelter that is already overburdened.

TLC logoWe see the TLC program as a true partnership between veterinary practices, their clients, other pet owners, and the animal loving public that will result in the emergency care and necessary treatment of animals who might not get the proper care without this fund. Click here to see who TLC has helped.

Veterinarians are, by nature, generous and warm-hearted individuals who care about animals and their health and welfare. They take an oath to protect animal health and relieve animal suffering. However, the cost of running a veterinary practice and the associated equipment, medications, and the staff needed to care for the animals results in limited ability to fulfill the need for free and discounted animal care under every circumstance. That’s where the TLC Fund comes in. PVF understands that veterinarians want to help and we want to make it more economically feasible to do just that.

How Are We Funded?
Funding for the TLC program is generated primarily through generous donations from pet owners and animal lovers. We encourage veterinarians to promote the TLC program in their practices to clients; in fact, it is a prerequisite for participation in the program. Each donation received for the TLC program will go to the direct care of abused, neglected, and stray companion animals.

What is the Qualifying Criteria to Participate?

A veterinary practice wishing to participate in the TLC program and therefore, be eligible for reimbursement for services provided to stray, injured, and unowned companion animals in need of significant medical care, must:
  • Actively promote the program to its clientele through distribution of brochures and information how to donate
  • Must have at least one veterinarian on staff who is a PVMA member
  • Must complete a participation application which outlines contact information, veterinarians on staff, and marketing plans for distribution of materials and promotion of the Fund.

Which Animals Are Eligible?

Stray or abandoned companion animals which have been injured, abused, or neglected and are in need of significant medical care are eligible for the program.

Companion animals are defined as those that are kept for enjoyment and companionship as opposed to those used in livestock production and laboratory research.

Join Us
If your veterinary hospital would like to become a TLC Participating Practice, please click here.